The Royal Bee Secretariat

I named this post “The Royal Bee Secretariat” for a couple of reasons: 


1.  The most obvious, the very special graphic design by The Graphics Fairy features a bee and a crown but more importantly, this is a french patisserie sign which means to me; only the finest!!!  I looked up the word patisserie and here is what I found pâtisserie (pronounced: [pɑtisʁi]) is the type of French or Belgian bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets. In both countries it is a legally controlled title that may only be used by bakeries that employ a licensed maître pâtissier (master pastry chef). 

 My husband and I are both fans of the TV Show “Master Chef”.  Wow…what these cooks go through in order to claim the title as Master Chef is unbelievable.  They have to be the finest and the best at what they do!  This secretariat was so pretty once she was finished that I thought this would be a fitting graphic for her.  Plus, who am I kidding…I just really, really like it!!!

2.  This secretariat is now fit for a queen.

She has been cleaned, polished, painted and beautified.  The French Patisserie Sign was transferred on by the Blender Marker Method

I have been painting frantically for the upcoming Vintage Markets!  This Saturday is Paris Paris Paris and next Saturday is Junk In The Trunk.  Very exciting shows but HOLY COW…two in one week!  I’m thinking I’m a little bit crazy!  

Today I painted up an old antique desk, huge framed chalkboard (now if I could only do some fancy subway art) and some suitcases!  Tomorrow is dresser ~ there has got to be some stenciling…Oh, and I got me some really gorgeous over-sized glass knobs to put on her when she’s done!  For all your cheerleaders out there, now is the time to cheer me on or just keep the lattes coming!!!

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  1. Love the dark and light contrast and you picked the perfect graphics. Lovely piece:)

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I never thought to add a secretariat to my home, but you’ve made me reconsider! 🙂

  3. Another fantastic piece!

    The inside part of the desk is to die for!!


  4. You did a nice job. – Fleur

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