Halloween Armoire

Hello everyone ~ hope you are having a fabulous day!  I just delivered a couple of dining room chairs to Furniture Affair for a client and decided to take a stroll through their fantastic showroom.  And, I found that their Halloween shop is now OPEN!  So naturally I just had to take some quick pics for all of you.  I just love the armoire that was hand painted in a Halloween motif.  Very cool ~ and it’s for sale!

First, here’s a few photos of the chairs I just completed.  Do you remember these?  I’ve had them sitting in my garage for a few months waiting to refinish them.  I was going to use them at either end of my dining room table.  But then I met Carolyn… she purchased a couple of other chairs from me for her dining room and asked if I had anymore?  My husband quickly responded with a “yes” and sold my chairs out from under me!     

(I’m smiling)  It’s really OK ’cause I know they’re going to a good home and I soooo appreciate Carolyn!  So look out, I’ll be out there shopping again for two more extra special chairs to complete my set!

From brown & blah to white and cheery!

I’ll miss you two!
Furniture Affair Halloween Shop  
(notice I added a scary black frame around these pics)  Whaahaahaa

 Excuse the red tag please, I couldn’t get it out of the way to take the shot!  It’s not a bloody nose!

Headless Pumpkin! Haha    This was my husband’s favorite!
This next couple are my favorite!!! 

Spooky fun huh?  Drop on by the Furniture Affair if you live in the area and let them know I sent you! 

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  1. Great armoire, Judy! I love Halloween things like this because Halloween is my birthday! While I don’t go over the top decorating myself, I love to see all the decorations. Love that sign, too. I could just see one that says “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. Makes me wish my Holiday Market {mid November} was a Fall Market.

    I am now following you as well! : )

    • Oh…I love your sign idea! Yeah, I really don’t do much decorating for Halloween, it’s more for Fall but it is a fun time of year. I’m sure you’ve had some crazy birthdays, how fun! I’m so excited that you are now following. Hope you have a wonderful evening! :)

  2. Oh I love this post! those chairs are awesome! the design is so unique, love your color choice. And the armoire, oh my love it!

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