God’s Power & Needlepoint

This is one of my most recent finds that I’m working on right now.  The chairs have their first coat of paint on them and the table is two-toned using Duck Egg Blue and Old White.  I plan on leaving the needlepoint chair pads exactly the way they are for that vintage look.  They are in great shape and I think this set will make a beautiful vignette.  However, I am going to offer them up for sale separately.  My plan is to be done with this project tomorrow but we just got invited to go on a field trip to our friend, Kevin’s place of work in the morning.  He works at a flour mill and I gotta say…my husband and I are quite excited about it!  Kevin is extremely inspirational and I wish all of you could meet him to hear his story in person.  He travels the country speaking on safety issues.  Not to many years ago, there was an accident and his arm got caught in a heavy piece of machinery.  Luckily his arm was saved but it was severely damaged.  His faith in God saw him through many surgery’s and the lengthy healing process.  What a powerful God we have and only by His strength can we endure such tragedy.  Kevin is a blessing to all who meet him!

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  1. I love the needlepoint chair pads on these chairs! Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 Came by to follow you and like you on FB! Enjoy your Labor Day!

  2. What a find, those chairs are beyond fabulous!


  3. I love the chairs! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!! You really have the knack of making nice things nicer!!

  4. I’d love to see the after pictures of your cute chairs.

    I’m more impressed about your friend, kevin.
    Going through such a tragedy, I believe you can only do that if you have a strong faith.
    Have a wonderful trip!!:)

  5. Impressive!

    Jan @ door251.com

  6. That is so wonderful what your friend Kevin is doing. I’m so sorry to hear his arm was badly damaged. I can only imagine the pain he’s gone thru all this time. Sounds like he’s turned it into something good tho. Bravo for him.
    I was in a rollover accident in 98, they think I must have put my arm out the window or on the window edge when the bronco rolled over onto the passenger side. When I regained conscieceness the vehicle was upside down and turned in opposite direction. My arm was broken all the way across just above the elbow, just skin holding it on. I had no control of my arm at all. There was no surgery however but did have to wear a band around my middle with holders for my arm. This made it difficult to bathe, dress, walk around and a few other things.
    It’s amazing what a person can learn to do on their own. My husband was an over the road trucker and we lived out in country in MT so I was on my own except for wonderful neighbors that helped me so much for the entire time I was “discombobulated”. But for this wonderful couple I’d have had it alot harder. The lady of the couple pretty much put her life on hold so she could be available for me when I needed help. I will be forever grateful to them both. It took several months for my arm to heal then I had to get it working again, the muscles, tendons had tightened up from being held in the bands all those months. I couldn’t afford physical therapy so I made myself move my arm and get it working again. I feel very fortunate to still have my arm and have it working, not the best as I had nerve damage so my hand is numb most of the time and pretty weak. But I still have it and can use it.
    When I think of what your friend Kevin must have suffered it makes me even more grateful how my situation is. Bless him for his bravery.

    • Wow…so sorry you had to go through all that. It’s amazing you are still alive to tell about it! Obviously God gave you the strength to overcome as well. Thank you for sharing your story with me! Blessings to you ~ Judy

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