Pebble Stone Sofa Table

 Not Again!!!  Why is it so hard to remember to take before pics?  You can kinda see what this table looked like before by the dark stain on the legs in the second photo.  The top had already been sanded when I remembered to get my camera.  Oh well…the after photos are what really matters, right?

I tried out a new color on this piece and I love it.  It’s Pebble Stone by Behr, just a nice creamy neutral (sand) color.  Would definitely compliment any space and it’s something different.  I went with a dark walnut stain on the top and drawer fronts and added these great knobs from Hobby Lobby, they match perfectly.  I chose not to do any distressing ’cause once it was all done, it had a more sophisticated look and didn’t need anything else!  Several of my pieces sold this week to a local business in Phoenix.  This table is one of those pieces!  My husband and I are going to take a field trip soon to go see all the re-decorating being done.  They also bought a long bench for added seating and two side tables (all on casters)…Oh, and a vintage framed chalkboard.   Sounds a little eclectic/industrial.  Cool stuff ~ can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Hi Judy! I am so happy you visited my blog, which in turn brought me to yours! Your restored furniture is wonderful! I think it takes a lot of talent to look at a piece and know what would make it beautiful! Very happy to follow you!

  2. Thanks for visiting, I am a follower now of yours. Wow, you have done a great job on your furniture. I am sure wanting to try paining some furniture.

  3. I forget to take ‘before’ pics, too. Lovely job on the sofa table. New follower!

  4. I know sometimes I forget, or sometimes I think it’s not blog worthy and then it is and then I could kick myslef LOL! Your table is perfect!


  5. Beautiful job on the table.

  6. I love how you have the two distressed, white doors as the backdrop for photographing your pieces! Simple but effective way to set off what you have done. And the table is wonderful. Sometimes I am like you… I stand back and see that perhaps not every piece needs to be distressed excessively. Trust me, I love that look but in a room it looks better to have pieces in different variations of looking worn.

  7. So cute Judy! I think we all share the “forgetting befores” because we are all too excited to get working on the “afters”!!!


  8. Great redo. I love the two toned effect. I also know what you mean about forgetting to take the before pictures. I am always so anxious to get to the project that pictures are really the farthest thing from my mind. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am also now following you.

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