Flower Power Table

Sometimes you get an idea in your head and you think to yourself “what could go wrong?”  Well…this is one of those times and it didn’t really work out so well for me as you will see by the pictures below!
So, here is the “before” pic.  A little beat up and grungy but a solid piece.
 Here was my thought ~ with a small brush I would fill in the flower outline with Old White to match the color of the base I would paint next. Then, when I painted over the top with my Mustard color, the outline of the flower would show through!
 And here’s a close up of the filled in flower crease.
 Now, as you can see…the mustard ran deep into the outline as well and covered up all my white!  I really tried to put a light coat on but it didn’t matter.  It was all lost!  So, plan B had to come into effect!  I decided to distress the outline as well as all the edges of the table top and base.  Then I mixed water and Old White paint together to make a thin wash.  I grabbed a smooth rag and rubbed the entire top to give it a more washed out look and so it would blend in with the base that had turned out just perfect.  
 Here is the final result!  I like it even though it’s not exactly what I had in-visioned for this piece.  It would be cute outside under a covered patio or sun room as an end table.  It would also be darling in a little girl’s room as a night stand or she could use it as a table for her tea parties!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Judy,
    Just too darn cute!!


  2. What a great table! I love its design! I would have jumped for joy finding this. It turned out just perfect!

  3. Great job!! It’s turned out nice!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my Officina, I loved your kind comment. Hugs. Eli

  4. Great project. It reminds me about my coffee table I’m planning to do.

  5. It did turn out cute! I like!

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