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It’s Moving Day!!!

I’m so excited to announce that the awesome duo of Furniture Affair has asked me to join them in there extraordinary shop.  I will be moving all my furniture pieces in today.  They will be having a Parisian Flea Market and the grand opening of their new section Paris-Paris-Paris September 8th & 9th, 9am – 4pm.  You won’t want to miss it!!!

I will also be demonstrating CeCe’s Caldwell’s Chalk Paint from time to time in the shop.   I’ll keep you posted on times and dates!

I will also be moving my paint studio on location ~ it’s going to be so nice to have our home back!  Future plans to finally finish decorating and bring it to showcase quality!  I was just saying to my cousin this morning that if a potential client saw our home right now, they would really question my abilities as a Certified Home Stager.  Haha!

OK…just so you know, I would normally never let anyone see my home looking like this but you’ll understand just how happy I am today by sharing these next photos ~

And…our guest room looks the same way!

Well…gotta go load up the truck now!  Come visit me soon and mark you calendars for Sept. 8th & 9th! 

Until next time…

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  1. This is so exciting, I can’t wait to follow your journey!


  2. im just barely getting up to date in reading your blog & retail journey, but wanted to say how nice it was to see actual shots of working witthin your home. in all my years of painting and working on different stages of different projects, my home is almost ALWAYS in a state on “non-staging” and its just nice lnowing I’m not the only one with wall to wall project/supplys throughout the home.

    • Boy…it’s so true ~ it’s a constant battle but I try to just roll with the punches! I feel like I’m starting to get a grip by slowing down on the auctions until I clear out most of my inventory then I’ll just buy a few pieces at a time. I’m hoping my plan works, we’ll see! Thanks for sharing ~ it is nice to know we’re not alone! ~ Judy :)

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