Rustic Chalkboard Screen

Here’s another one of those projects that my husband wanted to help me with!  He thought “I can tape around the squares of this screen and easily spray paint the black chalkboard paint, how hard can it be”?  He’s so funny…two paint can’s later, he can barely move his fingers and he still had one more square to go.  So off to Home Depot we went.  While grabbing more paint we also spotted a spray can trigger for just under $3.00.  That was a no brainer, we quickly snatched that baby up!  There was a little over spray onto the chippy green paint but other than that he did a fabulous job.  He likes the over spray…he says it looks more rustic that way!  I’m tell’n ya…there is not a day that goes by that my dear husband doesn’t make me giggle!  I’m so thankful for him and our life together!!!

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  1. Judy, it looks great. I love that your husband wanted to help. He’s right you know. Overspray is far more rustic. lol

  2. What a darling idea. I would love this for leaving little love notes to my husband. Cute!


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