Hand Painted Knob

So here’s a sweet little nightstand that I recently painted, it’s a newer nightstand and a style I don’t normally paint, but I liked the fact that it had a drawer and a shelf.  After painting it with my homemade mustard chalk paint I decided to try my hand at painting the knob instead of replacing it like I originally thought I would.  First, I spray painted it in Heirloom White.  Then I took out my nifty little paint brush and eye-balled the center painting the middle of the flower.  Once that was done, it was pretty easy to paint the pedals, etc…  Like my husband always says; “What’s the worse that could happen, I’d have to paint it again?”  So, there is really no reason to stress out about it.  It takes a steady hand so it’s important to stay calm.  Haha  This is sometimes difficult for this perfectionist!!!  I’m sure stamping on a design would be easier but first you would need to have a stamp that would fit the knob and that’s not Easter bunnies or Christmas trees. (Laughing)
This piece has already sold to a very special newlywed couple.  I’m working on another custom piece for them this weekend!  So much fun and what a privilege!!!

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  1. I love the painted knob!

  2. Cute knob!

  3. That really turned out nice! Great idea for all those plain wooden knobs.

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