Burlap Bunting

It’s a happy day at Addicted 2 Home Decor!  I finally got to my neighborhood hardware store and picked up some jute so I could finish this little project I saw at The Graphics Fairy several weeks ago.  I applied these cute little old-fashioned perfume bottles onto my fabric by using the Splendid Pen Method from Villabarnes.  My husband graciously cute out all my triangles as I was busy with another project.  I have sold so many furniture pieces lately that I really need to spend all my spare time painting these days.  However…it’s fun to take a break and do something else once awhile.  So in between coats of paint on the new little red bed side cabinet I’m working on, I got out my sewing machine and finished this cute burlap bunting.   I could go crazy making all sorts of fun and beautiful buntings…and plan too, sometime in the near future!  We just ordered a tent online today, getting ready for my first vintage market show.  I’ll share more details soon.  Until next time!

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  1. The bunting is adorable! I just found a local art store that sells the splended blender pens cheap. They were kind of pricy with shipping and goodness they don’t last long do they! Have fun with the walnut ink, I spray it on everything from metal to furniture to paper


    • Thanks Carol…you’re right, the splendid blender pens don’t last long but luckily I have an art supply store close by. I can’t wait to try the walnut ink. It looks so easy!

  2. Adorable! Nice husband to cut those out for you!
    Blessings, Lorraine

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