How To Make Homemade Chalk Paint

If you’ve been wondering what the difference is between Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (or any other brand of chalk paint) and Homemade Chalk Paint, Liz Marie does a really good job of explaining all the pros and cons.  Although, I use a different formula for my Homemade Chalk Paint than Liz, I completely agree with her regarding the results of both paints.  I want to try her recipe sometime soon.
My recipe for Homemade Chalk Paint is:
I typically mix 1/4 c. Plaster of Paris with 1/4 c. warm water until completely dissolved.  
Add mixture to 1 c. flat paint.  I usually use Behr paint, I’ve tried others and the outcome has not been the same.
Add water when needed if the paint thickens as you’re using it.
You can purchase 5 lbs. of Plaster of Paris at Home Depot for approx. $5.00.
Homemade Chalk Paint↓
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint↓

I do a lot of mixing and matching too.  The tops of both these pieces are CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint (Vermont Slate).  I used a mixture of dark and clear wax to age and distress both.  The possibilities are endless!
Happy Painting ~


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  1. I haven’t tried chalk paint yet, thinking about trying it on my dining chairs to go with the table I just redid. Wondering it it would stand up to more child beatings than normal paint.

    • Hi Amber…I absolutely love chalk paint but I too, have a dining room table and chairs that I am going to be refinishing. I plan on using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint since each piece will get so much use. Her paint also gives a smoother texture than the homemade stuff! I also plan on giving the table three coats of clear wax and a probably a single coat on the chairs. Since chalk paint goes over wax as well, you can always touch up later if need be. Good luck & post pics when they are all done! 🙂

  2. Hi Judy:
    Thanks for commenting on my parcheesi dresser and for finding me! Just yesterday I made a small batch of homemade chalk paint and it worked well. you can see it on my most recent piece, “Checkered Dresser”. I love your blog and thanks again for finding me!

  3. I’ve been planning on doing a chalk paint project in the future and wondered if the homemade version worked as well as store bought. Thanks for the helpful info & stopping by my blog – following back 🙂

    • Thanks Nicole! The homemade version isn’t perfect but it sure saves on the pocket book! 🙂 If you get the consistency right, it works great. (that’s the key) I just painted two projects yesterday with my homemade chalk paint and it went smooth as silk. Sometimes, ya just get lucky and everything falls into place. I will be posting at-least one of these projects later today so you’ll be able to see. You can’t tell the difference between store bought or homemade on this sweet dresser. Thanks for following. Hope this helps! ~ Judy

  4. Hello!! I bought a night stand from you about a month ago (LOVE IT). I am going to attempt to try and re-do my old large wood armoire into a white shabby chic piece! Can you explain more about the wax? What kind of wax coat is it? Does it go on after or before painting with chalk paint? Can you give me the name of a good white to use? Thanks so very much! I will post pictures when the project is done. Hoping it turns out like yours!

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