What’s Happening At The Ainger’s Now?

All the “ugly” has began outside.  We have spent the last couple of days digging up a leaking sprinkler system and replacing drip lines.  It’s the first time we’ve turned on the system since we bought the place.  These projects always take longer than you think.  My husband said he was happy to go back to school today so he could get some rest.  He thinks I’m a slave driver!  If he only knew how many more projects I have planned for him! lol  We also loaded up our pickup with dirt and added a berm in our courtyard.  I just want to get to the “pretty” and go shopping for plants and start digging in the dirt!  The last item on our list will be to add a fresh layer of rock.  Can’t wait!  I have one week to finish before my parents arrive!

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