How To Make Mercury Glass

After three attempts, I think I finally have this project figured out.
 I began with one of my Starbucks Mocha jars.
 Next I sprayed several coats of Krylon Looking Glass paint.
 Once the paint was dry (only takes a minute) I sprayed a mixture of half vinegar and half water and let it stand for a approx. one minute.  I dabbed the bubbles with a paper towel then rubbed the entire area in a circular motion to get the desired look of mercury glass.  In all the tutorials I’ve read, they say to spray the inside of the jars but I just thought that would be too hard so I sprayed the outside and it seemed to work just fine.

 This was an empty pickle jar.  I’ve been saving all my jars so I give this a try while my mom was here visiting.
I should have checked to see if a tea light would fit in my Starbucks jars before I painted them.  Ha,ha!  They look cute as a bud vase anyway.  I’m thinking a twine bow around the top of the jars would be cute.  Although this project was fun to do ~ I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on  fancy vases before trying it.  I own some mercury glass and just doesn’t quite measure up.  However…this is an inexpensive way to decorate and would work great for a garden party, vintage wedding, etc…

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  1. Hello…I’m new here..I am interested in making GOLD mercury glass?

    • Hi Lorraine…I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I just now saw your comment. I need to do some research on how I can be notified when comments are left, I’m sure there’s a way. I’m learning new things about blogging everyday! Anyway, I have seen similar projects done with liquid silver leaf so I’m sure you could use Gold as well. Check out Rosemary’s site at She just posted directions for this very thing. Hope this helps! ~ Judy

  2. You did a great job! They are lovely.

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