Monogram Lamp Shade ~ Before and After Pics

We started out today by attending church, paying Costco a visit, stopping by Barnes & Noble, lunch at a yummy Hawaiian food place (can’t remember the name) then home to relax outside by the pool for awhile then on to my lamp shade project!  I took a simple canvas lamp shade from our guest room and traced the letter “A” (for our last name) then hand painted it white.  I thought about going blue to match the quilt on the guest room bed but then it wouldn’t match any other room if I ever decided to move it.  I found my pattern off the internet, blew it up to fit and printed it out.  It took a while to cut it out but it was easy.  I’m so ready to decorate more lamp shades and pillows now.  I told my husband we have to keep a look out for vintage lamps at estate sales and auctions so I can play!  He thinks I’m crazy but always says “OK”.  Love this guy so much.  He’s a keeper!!!

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