Our Little Dessert Cottage ~ Before Pics

After flying to Arizona from Chicago in October 2011, we decided this was the place for us!  We made offers on five homes and won the bid on two.  After inspections were done, we let one go due to foundation issues and kept this one.  A cute 1250 sq. ft. dessert cottage.  It has three bedroom and two baths along with a gigantic pool in the backyard.  Our plan was to wait until the spring of 2012 to make our move but once we landed back in Chicago we knew we just couldn’t wait.  My husband gave his two week notice at work and we hit the road.  That’s just kind of the way we roll. lol
Here are all the before demo pics.  The previous owner was in love with the color purple.  The carpet was purple, the walls were purple and even the kitchen oak cabinets had a purple glaze on them.  This was a HUD home and had been severely neglected.  The backdoor was kicked in and all the piping had been cut.  The pump for the pool had been taken and debris had been thrown into the pool and just covered up.  It was really a nasty mess but we could see the potential and we are so thankful we got it.  We are in a great location and we have wonderful neighbors.
I will be posting after shots soon!  It’s so cute now! 
Entrance to the courtyard.
Living room  
Kitchen ~ hubby temporarily fixed the backdoor for safety.
Den/3rd Bedroom
Master bedroom
Master bath with missing toilet tank.
Guest room
Guest bath
And here’s the nasty pool.  It takes up the entire backyard.  There is just a small tile pathway around the perimeter.  We hired “Ugly Pools” to come clean it up and replace all the damaged areas, along with replacing the pump.

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