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How to Texture a Ceiling

Do you live in an old house that has cracks in the ceiling that you'd like to cover up?  Or do you have plans to remove that ugly popcorn ceiling but don't know what to do once it's gone?  I've got a super easy technic to texture the ceiling that … [Read More...]

The Blue Cottage I'm calling this little gem "The Blue Cottage" for obvious reasons!  Haha!  It's always astounding what paint can do, isn't it?  We helped our client/friend purchase this cutie for a rental property.  In fact, he's never even seen it other … [Read More...]

Farmhouse Lighting and More

This has been an absolute crazy couple of days!  It's been too long since I've done physical labor, obviously!!!  I can hardly walk!  Haha!  I just took a long hot bath and I told my husband I needed about 20 ice packs now to wrap around my whole … [Read More...]

Choosing An Exterior White Paint Color

Today I needed to narrow down what shade of "white" paint color I wanted to use for the exterior of our new farmhouse.  I used SW Extra White for the trim on our last house and it was REALLY bright!  I loved it, but I was thinking for this house I … [Read More...]

Acorn Country Farmhouse Building Update

It's so exciting to see the process happening out at the Acorn Country Farmhouse right now.  Every day I can see such huge changes.  The above photo is what our little slice of East Texas looked like when we bought it.  Can you see the BIG oak tree … [Read More...]

Apron Sink verses Undermount Sink

OK you guys, I know you are going to be shocked by what I am about to tell you!  I have read and read and read many reviews regarding apron/farmhouse sinks!  I have installed these sinks in houses we've built and/or remodeled, but have really only … [Read More...]

Valentine Gifts & Decor under $30.00

Even though I really don't have a home to decorate right now, I'm enjoying reminiscing over some of our previous spaces as well as some talented bloggers who have decorated their homes for Valentine's Day.  This photo was taken in our Craftsman Style … [Read More...]

Best Kitchen Farmhouse Finds on Amazon

We are creeping up on the weekend already.  Whoohoo!  The days are just flying by as I'm trying to gather ideas for our new farmhouse kitchen.  Did you see my post on Instagram or Facebook?  I've named the farmhouse!!!  We're calling it the "Acorn … [Read More...]

Tiny House Facts to Know

Did you know that according to a 2017 Community Preference Survey, six out of ten people said they would spend more (17% "a lot more" and 43% "a little more") to live in a community where they could walk to parks, shops and restaurants?  More than … [Read More...]

We Got Our Farmhouse Floor Plans

This gorgeous farmhouse is a Southern Living Design named "Sugarberry Cottage".  The source of this photo is from Brittany York.  I wanted you to see my inspiration for a side screened-in porch for our new little farmhouse.  Our Architect is still … [Read More...]

Shanty 2 Chic Furniture in At Home Stores

Have you seen the new line of Shanty 2 Chic that just hit the shelves at the At Home Store?  I grabbed a latte and then headed over to walk the isles.  So fun!  They definitely have a signature industrial farmhouse look in their crafted furniture … [Read More...]

Final Tour of The Brick House on Pecan Drive

I just realized I never gave a final tour of The Brick House on Pecan Drive.  I did individual rooms but never collectively.  I organized photos to list our house on the MLS and but never actually put a blog post together like usually do … [Read More...]

Buying a Farmhouse

I feel like we've kind of been all over the place lately.  I'm sorry if I have confused anyone.  Haha.  Life just seems to always take unexpected twists and turns.  The Brick House on Pecan Drive closed and the new happy owners have moved in.  We … [Read More...]

Cozy Christmas Master Bedroom

As soon as I found out we would be moving again into a tiny apartment while we looked for another house, I was determined to bring as much of our Christmas decorations with us as possible.  Last year the same thing happened to us.  Our house sold and … [Read More...]

Tiny Floor Plan

Wow, we are only 2 days into this week and it's flying by.  My hubs and I have spent many hours in the car looking at properties for clients and keeping an eye out for land or a house for us.  We just signed a six month lease at the apartment complex … [Read More...]