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Rustic Barn Wood Sofa Table by Vintage Street Designs

Rustic Barn Wood Sofa Table

Mr. A out did himself this time!  By using scraps of barn wood, he produced this rustic sofa table for me.  I love it, love it, love it!!!  It came out to the exact dimensions I wanted and gives me added surface space to decorate.  It makes the room … [Read More...]

Spring Mantel ~ Vintage Street Designs (9)

Spring Mantel

As my husband and I have been moving all over the country the past few years, we have continually been trying to downsize. I have given up several of my decor items as well as sets of pretty dishes, etc...  So as I've been decorating this home, I'm … [Read More...]

Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (42)

Sweet Treat Server In Our Dining Room

Oh yeah...we really did this!  My husband thought of the idea to move our little server into the corner of our freshly painted dining room and I filled it up.  Spring tulips, candy, cupcakes and lots of pretty napkins are just what this cute storage … [Read More...]

Julie's Memorial

Resting In God’s Hands

Today I'm talking about something a little bit different.  The topic is not DIY, painting or remodeling (my favorite topics).  It's about my last week of fighting back anxiety  and worry about the possibility of breast cancer.  You see, I know far … [Read More...]

Home Office Reveal ~ Vintage Street Designs (18)

Home Office Reveal

Well, this has been quite the little journey.  As we thought about what we wanted for our home office, we decided to switch things up and move it to another room in our house.  And so we began, clearing out everything in the space and making a To-Do … [Read More...]

Office Makeover Day 1 (1)

Office Makeover Day 1

What a busy day we've had.  My husband had the day off so we decided to make the most of it.  Just a reminder...our home is 100 years old and has a few unwanted character blemishes.  So when planning to tackle the renovation of what will soon be our … [Read More...]

Card Catalog ~ Vintage Street Designs (16)

Card Catalog Cabinet Makeover

First of all, let me just say to all of those who are having shortness of breath right now, this is not a true antique.  I actually wanted, no NEEDED to paint this piece to make it appear to be an antique.  My husband surprised me this little card … [Read More...]

Decorating Our Farmhouse Kitchen - Vintage Street Designs

Decorating Our Renovated Farmhouse Kitchen

OK, so maybe our kitchen is quite finished yet but its sure fun to have to the point where I can start decorating a bit.  We can see light at the end of the tunnel though.  Hardwood flooring still needs to be installed and the hubs plans to build a … [Read More...]

Decorating For Valentine's Day ~ Vintage Street Designs (29)

Simple and Inexpensive Valentine Touches

Simple and inexpensive things add subtle hints around our house that Valentine's Day is near.  Simple things like pretty candy dishes filled with your favorite Valentine treats.  I added a Heart Garland to the mantel, a DIY project you can see … [Read More...]

New Look For Free (2)

New Look For Free

I have been putting off these little makeovers for far too long.  Yesterday was the day!  As much as I loved these stools when I bought them, the color red just isn't working for me anymore.  With being only 5 ft. tall, I need a stool just to reach … [Read More...]

Valentine Giveaway - Vintage Street Designs

Valentine Giveaway

I thought it would be so much fun to share the love with this LOVE pillow!  I have an extra one still in the original packaging that I am giving away for Valentine's Day!  I'm just doing it a little early so the lucky winner can display it now for … [Read More...]

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Coffee Station - Vintage Street Designs (8) (1)

Creating A Drink Station

The last couple of days have been really exciting.  We finally received our range hood after a 4 week wait and we're thrilled to have it installed.  My brother came over yesterday and helped my hubs secure the upper cabinets so I got to unpack the … [Read More...]

A Bench For Our Front Porch - Vintage Street Designs

A Bench For Our Front Porch

I recently got to share with you how we surprised my brother for his birthday with a bench for his front porch.  His porch had been empty for several years and he mentioned to me a few months ago how we would like to have something to fill the space … [Read More...]

My Brother's Birthday Present - VIntage Street Designs

My Brother’s Birthday Present ~ Front Porch Bench

I have to say...I was so excited to be living in Spokane this year to help celebrate my brother's birthday.  I have missed so many birthdays over the years.  So, I wanted to do something special.  A few months ago he had mentioned to me that he would … [Read More...]

Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)

Heart of the Home

The ♥ of the home seems to be the kitchen no matter who's house you visit.  It's no different at our house.  We can't wait for our to get finished.  The range hood is on order and should be here next week.  That's going to make a world of difference. … [Read More...]