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18 Fabulous Ceiling Designs And Kitchen Update

Whoa...hold the presses!  Vintage Street Designs is on  Hometalk saw my posting of our Modern Farmhouse Ceiling and asked me to curate a board dedicated to Ceiling Designs.  "Seriously?  Of-course I will."  What an honor!  Have you … [Read More...]

Round Top

Round Top, Junk Gypsies And More…

Dreams do come true...I got to go junk'n in Round Top, TX.  Mr. VSD and I met our good friends Tom & Cheri (from Florida) in Austin for a week long vacation. They are our traveling buddies and we always have SO much fun!!!  Their kids and sweet … [Read More...]

DIY Kitchen Light ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)

DIY Kitchen Light

I took a little creative break yesterday and painted my new kitchen light that will be placed over the sink.  I'm super excited!  Our home in Arizona didn't have a light over the sink and really missed having one.I found this light at Home Depot. … [Read More...]

Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Tutorial ~ Vintage Street Designs (28)

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of our complete kitchen remodel.  This is just the beginning and I'm so, so excited I can't even tell you!  Our new "old" home is 100 years old this year.  This kitchen has never seen a dishwasher or microwave and our goal is to … [Read More...]

Fall Living Room Tour ~ Vintage Street Designs

Fall Living Room Tour the dining room and living room are now safe to walk through.  Two down, all the rest to go!  Pictures are still not our of their boxes but  everyday it feels more like home.  Thought I would share a few photos with you of the progress.Book … [Read More...]

Spider Wreath ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)

Spider Wreath

With so many expenses right now with our new home, I got a little creative today with decorating for Halloween.  I wanted to hang a wreath on the front door and we brought this burlap wreath with us from our last house.  Perfect fall colors and I … [Read More...]

Upscale Man Cave ~ Vintage Street Designs

Upscale Man Cave

Who says the man of the house has to be stuck out in the garage with hand-me-down furniture and mismatched silverware and glasses? I was recently asked by Man Crates to choose a few items I would use in designing a new "Man Cave".  So lets design a … [Read More...]


Fall Dining Room

We have finally cleared our dining room from moving boxes.  Yippee!!!  They have taken over our future guest room as we go through the kitchen remodel.  I need somewhere to store our excess dishes, pots and pans, etc...  Just think, by the Holidays, … [Read More...]

Fall Mantel Design 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs

2014 Fall Mantel

Although we're buried in boxes and our new house looks a little bit like a war zone, I still managed to decorated the fireplace mantel for Fall.  I made a HUGE pile of decorations in the middle of our living room as I emptied boxes.  Even by doing … [Read More...]

Hanging Curtains ~ Vintage Street Designs (11)

Hanging Curtains

Even with a leg injury, my husband climbed up our ladder to install curtains today.  I purchased the bright white curtains from Ikea online.  I've bought these curtains before so I knew I would LOVE them.  Source We started with the office.  The … [Read More...]

Huntwood Shaker Colonial White Maple Cabinets

How To Brighten Up A Rainy Day

We woke up to rain this morning but that didn't stop the excitement around here.  Today is the day for all the electrical to be upgraded in our new "100 year old" home.  I have already met the electricians and gone over all the plans one last time. … [Read More...]

Craftsman 1914 Home ~ Vintage Street Designs

Our New Home and Landscaping Projects

Here she is, our new home in the Northwest!  Although she looks pretty cute in this picture, there is some major work that needs to be done before we can move in.  After all, it is her 100th birthday this year.  She was built in 1914. Tomorrow the … [Read More...]

Adding A Few Stripes ~ Vintage Street Designs (11)

Sharing Great Tips & Tricks

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Denise at Salvaged Inspirations.  She asked if she could share my tip "An Easy Way To Paint Stripes", of-coarse I said "Yes".  I appreciate when others share their creative tips so I'm always happy to … [Read More...]


Stressed and Blessed

I told my mom today I'm feeling stressed and blessed.  I can't even count the many blessings in my life right now but there is so much going on all at once that I can't help but be a bit stressed.  Our home in Arizona closed last week after just 3 … [Read More...]

Repurposed Drink Station For Family Outdoor Brunch ~ Vintage Street Designs (18)

Re-purposed Table Saw To Drink Station

What do you do on a rainy day?  Today I was suppose to set up for Pickin' on the Prairie Vintage Market but all I could do was put up my tent, pile everything under it and throw a tarp over the whole thing.  So, I'm home cleaning house, doing laundry … [Read More...]