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Strawberry Pretzel Salad Recipe (10)

Strawberry Pretzel Salad Recipe

For every holiday gathering, this Strawberry Pretzel Salad is one of my family's all-time favorites!  I seriously think my brother would turn around and go home if this salad wasn't on the menu!  Haha!!!  I will purposely eat less of everything else … [Read More...]

Happy 59th Anniversary (3)

A Special Anniversary Wish

Today is a very special day!  My parents are celebrating their 59th Wedding Anniversary!  I am sending them many wishes for a wonderful day as they are celebrating with friends on the Oregon Coast.  I drove them to the airport last Saturday and … [Read More...]

New Holiday Signs (2)

New Holiday Signs

I feel like our home has turned into Santa's Workshop and it's SO exciting!  My husband has joined in the Spirit of Christmas and has been steadily helping me on his days off.  I'm adding new holiday signs in my online stores.  These little ones can … [Read More...]

Trip Across The Border For Coffee (4)

Our Trip To Across The Border For Coffee

Before I get started, I just want to share that the addiction I have for this coffee additive is completely my Aunt Phyllis' fault!  Heehee!  I don't know how she was introduced to this fabulous drink or when she first tried it, but she gave my mom a … [Read More...]

Celebration Sale

Celebrate With Us

Come celebrate with us as we're feeling so very thankful at reaching over 200 sales in our Etsy Shop "The Sign Factory".  Dave and I knew there would be a BIG change in my business when we made the decision to leave Arizona and move closer to my … [Read More...]

Creating a FALL Tablescape

Creating A Fall Tablescape

My thought for a Fall Tablescape this year was wrapped around the fact that we are living back in the beautiful northwest.  We are surrounded by pine trees, lakes, wild life, etc...  It's a gorgeous place to live and with all this natural beauty I … [Read More...]


Rustic Fall Tablescapes

Now that our living room is well on it's way, I need to address our dining room.  I have my "go to" barn wood tote filled with flowers as a centerpiece at the moment and as much as I love it, it's time to do something more "Fallish".  Since we are … [Read More...]

New Sofa Has Arrived ~ Vintage Street Designs (22)

New Sofa and Source List

Can you even believe it?  After moving into our new home in July, we sat in lawn chairs for several weeks until our upholstered chairs got moved over from my brother's barn.  We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new sofa.  It took us … [Read More...]


Rainy Day Rearrainging

What else do you do on a rainy day???  It's a great opportunity to catch up on laundry, cleaning the house and a little rearranging never hurt anyone either!  I just got a couple of new shipments of beautiful farmhouse style home decor accents.  It's … [Read More...]

Fall Decorating 2015 ~ Vintage Street Designs (6)

Fall Decorating 2015

Just simple little things like white pumpkins can give such an impact on the season.  There is just something about them that gives the feel of a warm Fall welcome.  My husband and I were walking through the veggie department at the grocery store the … [Read More...]

Vanity Stool Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (16)

Vintage Vanity Chair Makeover

This sweet little vanity stool traveled with us when we moved from Arizona.  She's been hanging high up on the wall in my brother's barn for the past year awaiting her turn for a much needed makeover.  I finally got her down last week and brought her … [Read More...]

How To Make A Rustic Sink Base ~ Vintage Street Designs

How To Make A Rustic Sink Base

I realize I am one lucky girl to have a husband who loves to work in the shop on his days off.  We've had another lifestyle change in the past year and a half since he accepted a position as a Banker.  He had to turn in his flip flops for a suit … [Read More...]

Decorating Our Garage ~ Vintage Street Designs (4)

Decorating The Garage/Studio

Gosh, I am having so much fun with our new addition to our garage "The Sink".  My husband had yesterday off so he helped me hang up a few more things around my work space.  I also helped him organize the rest of the garage, but it's not as pretty as … [Read More...]

Fall Window Box ~ Vintage Street Designs (7)

Fall Window Box

I'm not sure I've ever had a window box before in all the many, many houses I've owned.  It's kind of fun but a lot of work!  However, I am the first to admit I do not in any way, shape or form have a green thumb.  This can be a problem when it comes … [Read More...]

DIY Garage Sink - Vintage Street Designs (32)

Adding A Garage Sink

For me, this is the most exciting change we've made to our new little "Oak Harbor" cottage!  I've just been on pins and needles since last week waiting to have running water in our garage.  Over the weekend, we worked on getting the space ready where … [Read More...]